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Mary Jane

There is nothing I want more
than a pretty boy
stoned out of his mind,
with hazed-over eyes
that rival my foggy windows,
a sticky-hot-rainy leftover.
Fingers stained gold,
and a history in his hair,
If he loves me, he does
if he doesn't, "who cares?"
And no matter what I ever
say, do, feel, imagine, think,
I always wonder
what I'm working toward,
because he will,
crave her more.

31 Aug 06

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Bravissimo!!!  "10."  What a kick-ass piece of writing and he ain't worth it.  But yeah...there's somethin' very sexy about someone's who's stoned out of their mind sittin' on the couch beside you.  Amen.
 — starr

WOW. This one blew me away. I like its discarded casual throw away feel.
 — larrylark

amazing. perfect 10.
 — bear

Impecable writing. I love how the first and last lines end with 'more'. I love the back and forth of mood in you wanting him, then saying you don't care if he doesn't love you, and then noting he will, every-godddamned-time, crave her more. Ahh, you do care! Anyway, sweet honest turns in this poem make it very genuine. A 10.
 — Meredith

Every single word of this reminds me of my ex... this is beautifully written. I love it.  
 — CrimsonStorm

Still lovin' it after all this time!  Come on, #1 Spot!
 — starr

haha, thank you!
 — wanderlusted

this poem is so true, just honest to the core and i love the casual words, the rolling rhythm. i can hook you up with a boy like that but i'll make no promises about his cravings.
 — sunshinesgf

Okay. Put mind in gear before putting text to white space is a good motto.
 — unknown

Thanks again, sunshinesgf, for the kind words and quirky conversation. As for the guy, I'm not sure I'd like to be in that situation, it only leads to heartache.
 — wanderlusted

I like this, a lot.  :)
 — kazfernandes

i remember this one. still like it!
 — unknown

Never saw this one.  Everyone knows Mary Jane and they always do crave her more.  I like the double meaning of the girl.  Could be the herb, could be the girl all the guys wants.  Nice job.
 — Isabelle5

Acapulco gold?
 — Virgil

"that rival my..." at 5, are you talking about the boy, or you or how clever you are to say clever things? the second stanza brings it back into word, and i like that the rhyme is natural and falls naturally from the "feeling" of this poem. the ending is some sort of pop song, and i don't recognize the singer, so i can't tell you whether your haircut looks right.
 — joey

It's perfect, it's true. Now i'm in love with you.
 — BrokenJoke

What a perfect first verse. Pure Acapulco gold. Then I begin to wonder - line 10, why doesn't the narrator care? Last verse, narrator turns into sober, hard working puritan who I can't seem to mesh with lines 1-3. Am I misreading? Help me out?
 — erato

dur. the narrator isn't saying 'who cares?', the boy does.
 — dustybottoms

You captured it!
 — poetbill

seems im the perfect boy for you
 — bear

line 7, figers stained gold? You want him rich? Doesn't seem to fit in.
I bet you are a teenager, this is typical. I have to say the last verse isn't too bad though.
 — unknown

what the hell, I just read all th other comments, maybe you're all stoned (you wish!)
 — unknown

unknown, L7 is a reference to Acapulco Gold, a type of marijuana famous for its gold hue and potency. I'm not going to explain the meaning of the poem, that is for the reader to interpret and decide whether they like it or not, as many have done. Although, I did want you to know that I had a concrete meaning for L7 that was just jazzed up, and it has nothing to do with money.
 — wanderlusted

Ha, this poem made me laugh...  The sad part is, I know quite a few people so enticed by MJ.  It's sad really.
 — openVerse

well ive been seeing you
as much as i miss her
a car ride after midnight
drives away the cure
these distances weigh heavy
on backs of broken bones
theyve got me shivering baby
while im smoking in the cold
 — Banksy

Not a word here that shouldn't be. That's how poetry is supposed to be written. Marijuana isn't bad either. 8/10
 — Henry

Somehow this was so innocent...yet so devilish.......loved it! Been there done that!
 — unknown

i remember this one! liked it then too. glad to see it up on top again!
 — humblebee

I was hoping this was about Spiderman. What a let down.
 — lieskilllies

Ooooh... nice sentiment.  I get it.  Love this poem.  Although since it is over a year old, I'm sure I've already seen this before and commented on it loveliness already.
 — aforbing

its a theme easily empathized with, i smoked a lot of pot back in the day, but im not exactly blown away by the poem. You seemed to take a shortcut to get to the end....chose the easy path, threw a couple images in an idea and called it poetry. Anytime anyone in this sight reads anything about sex, drugs, or just intimate body parts they type 9's and 10's  like they didn't know there were scared of numbers approaching 0.
 — joshcoops

I really don't like this that much, and I hav
 — eyesaque

I really don't like it that much, for the same reasons as the commenter above me.
 — eyesaque

 — unknown

so good, so good
 — unknown

the ending makes this what it is--the title is perfect.
 — mandolyn

^Mary Jane = Marijuana
 — unknown

again, the title is perfect. ;-)
 — mandolyn

 — unknown

20 users consider this poem a favorite.
 — mandolyn

This captures the evanescent nature of some relationships in life. I also got hung up on fingers stained gold, not sure what it means, and it does not lend itself to creating an image in my brain.
 — unknown

this poem lacks luster
maybe needs a Custer
or an Alamo, or Poe
to turn a potty of dough
to insurmountable woe
 — unknown

 — unknown

^Mandolyn, have you ever smoked marijuana?
 — unknown

^ wow, you're lucky i clicked on this poem. i haven't seen it in some time...
and funny you would ask me that. hells no. why, should i?
 — mandolyn

 — Bukowski

You don't love him... It's HER... You're just too latet
 — unknown

just ran into this again. love it!

Fingers stained gold,
history in his hair,
If he loves me
who cares.
 — gnormal

 — unknown

A sticky-hot-rainy leftover...

Gorgeous. And, I feel you.
 — peace

Wow I want a woman that writes like this! lol
I love the imagery
Damn the animal instincts in us men..pshhh
luck to have you the next one is..
 — NagChampaRef

10."  What a kick-ass piece of writing and he ain't worth it.  But yeah...there's somethin' very sexy about someone's who's stoned out of their mind sittin' on the couch beside you.  Amen.
 — unknown

Sweet Mary Jane's linger in our poems. Iwrote one in 1985, its in a suitcase, got to find it
 — unknown