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my dreams have never been empty

my dreams have never been empty.
i've tasted fame dazzle and dance on the very tip of my tong,
it stayed there and then dissolved until my mouth burned with anger, but i was silent, for there was no other choice.
i've looked into the hollow barrel of a gun, and i've felt the blow without the shot.
the bullet passed through my skull, it left a mark on my heart that only i know is there.
but still, my dreams have never been empty.
i've walked along the shore of the river in the city, holding hands, if only with myself, smearing the hugest smile i could against my pale face - only to get smudged when i cried and moaned myself to sleep that night.
but also, i have slept late into the sunrise, till beams pour across my face, waking me with light i never knew was there.
i've heard business men jaunting to work below me, keychains jangle on children's backpacks on their way to school.
i've smelt coffee against the calming canvas of snow.
i've heard waves in the night. i've felt lips warm against my own. i've cried because of laughter. i've painted something i felt.
i've fallen asleep beneath the comforting weight of old blankets, blind in the night, till dawns light carries the first clues of tomorrow's surprises.
and for that, my dreams have never been empty.

10 Sep 06

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this poem is absolutely amazing....keep it up
 — unknown

 — unknown