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the weatherman's often wrong, anyway

it looked like rain, i thought
so i took my umbrella with me
You (in the clouds that threaten to soak me)
attempt to keep me locked up
but i come prepared
the yellow of my raincoat will blind your grey eyes
I will don my galoshes!
and dance and splash in the puddles
that hold your reflection
and you will disappear into a thousand tiny droplets
to dampen someone else's world
eighty percent chance of rain,
the forecast predicted
that’s a twenty percent chance of sun

25 Sep 06

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cool. i like how poppy yet dark this was...how it very uniquely twisted into different dimensions. nice read.
 — lanezfairy

thank you for your nice comments!!!
 — ilikeblue

wise and silly in the same moment.  the character is both prepared with the right tools and with a resilient attitude. very mature. it's not just about being happy about it, and saying "oh well" - it's about dealing with the reality of the negative aspects of life in a practical but positive way. if i'm way off let me know. but i just like this so much, i may have read to far in.
 — SteelAngel

that's exactly what i was going for...thank you so much for your comment!
 — ilikeblue

 — unknown