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The Boy with Green Hair

I dyed my hair
green for no real
reason at all
except for the
fact that no one else
really has green hair.
Later in the week
I almost got into
two fights.
Each time the
motherfucker picked
me out of the crowd and
started yelling at me.
I talked my way
out of each  
Then I saw a
lady who told me
about a movie from
the 50's about a boy
who woke up one day
with green hair.
She said the movie
was about tolerance.

28 Sep 06

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i heard about the movie about the boy with green hair. wasn't it filmded in black and white, though?

pretty cool poem, reminds me of some of bear's earlier ones.
 — inutile

ha. i just checked your profile. fabulous.
 — inutile

i love your title.
it's a pretty cool poem.
 — Gabriella

 — unknown

This doesn't read like a poem to me, more like a letter to a friend.  I saw that movie when I was a kid.  Really odd movie.

ps - motherfucker is one word, not two, unless you mean something completely different when you say it!
 — Isabelle5

  . . . this a story
 — unknown

bear, bear, where's the love??
 — unknown

But a story can be in poetic form, too.  
 — Isabelle5

inutile, it is me. haha. thanks gab. thanks for the read unknown. isabelle thanks for the spell check and you know your comments are always appreciated. not sure about anything unknowns.
 — bear

and the one sucks. o well.
 — bear

kick ass. nice work.

 — unknown

thanks v
 — bear