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for Isabelle5

3 Oct 06

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what the fuck?
 — unknown

you have too much free time on your hands, now pizz off and leave Isabelle alone
 — unknown

I just wasted 12 seconds of my life that I can never get back... Thanks alot!
 — unknown

fucking funny.
i think it shows real potential to be absolutely nothing more!
 — ProzacNation

i think i did a good job at summing up every single type of emotion regarding thatcherism in about one verbal outburst.
 — cyarhahaha

I actually like this - just what I feel when I ear of Thatcher!
 — unknown

hahaha. i found this title and it interested me. then I read what it had to say. and to be honest, firstly i thought, "oh shit, not again", but then i realised that all you cn do about thatcher is scream in the most gut churningly violent way imaginable.
 — unknown

oh well
 — unknown