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My Fathers 60th Birthday

As we arrive at my fathers 60th birthday celebration
The hairs on my neck rise in anticipation
How can I fake this?What he caused was devastating.
My veins pulse nervously, Im having trouble concentrating
As we enter the grand dinningroom of this centuries old castle,
I wonder is any reward really worth all this hassle
The servants flock around with dinnerware fit for royalty,
In my gut I fell guilty, with my mom lies my loyalty
As the wine glasses empty, the party gets louder,
Entertainment is plenty, It seems to get crowded
Next Start the speeches, which are packed with sarcastic humour,
I glance at my sister who is disgusted by the surface glamour
If it wasnt our lives, it would be better than standup comedy,
I cant sit here & listen to any more of this bullshit honoury
As they joke about how cheap a man can be with all of his money,
I want to jump from my seat & scream, I lived with this & it wasnt funny
I walk away from this night with lifes most important lesson,
That measuring ones wealth by money is out of the question

4 Oct 06

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Isn't it amazing how reading someone's poetry really gives you an inside look at their lives?  In this case it sure does, and I think you did a great job; it's emotional, and angry, I can feel your words.  I got an excellent visual of the "special occasion" as well.
Keep writing! =)
 — jenakajoffer