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it's frightened by her

I watch her
she is restless all the time
restless is her body
restless in her mind
she pulls at her hair
carefully watching the time
and i wonder if she knows
they think she's out of her mind.
She turns to me slowly
and I already miss her eyes
and when they appear
I can't help but sigh
she's spinning again and
flying through highs
she is crazy and laughing
and always ready for a cry.
i swear she's invicible
and i know she doesn't care
cause if death came to find her
she'd greet it with a stare
she'll smile at it slowly
and forget that it came
when lightning hits the ground
she goes dancing in the rain.
She is beauty in movement
and faster than light
she always knows she is wrong
she always claims she is right
she holds all the stars
holds them all tight
pulls down hard on the moon
until she's ready for the night
she is fast on her feet
and slow on her toes
and wherever the wind is shifting
that's where she goes
she has no desire to stay still
because she knows more than us all
she knows if you stay in one place
things catch up far too quickly
and you're just bound to fall
bound to fall
bound to

21 Oct 06

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Lovely concept and flow.

However, L3, L7, L5 and L9 bother me because they are repeating the same end words. I was looking more for a different one. Especially since the rest of your poem does not follow this scheme.
Also, L39 and L40 don't flow quite as well as the rest of the poem.
 — Porcelain_Lo

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