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glass wall

when i found out you had built a glass wall
i was heart broken
because i didn't see it for a while
until i bumped into it.
i thought we could still hear each other,
thought we could feel what's going on with our eyes closed,
but i guess sound doesn't travel well through glass,
not that glass anyways.
i looked everywhere for a door,
pushed and pried on every inch,
but i never opened it,
if anything i left a smudge.
(if only windex would solve this)
i solidly pressed my hand against the cold glass,
desperate for it to melt away at my command,
but you stood in solitude,
ignoring my agony, pretending to care.
so desperate, i walked away,
not knowing where i might go,
and turning to see you one last time,
i noticed i was too far away
to see my reflection in the glass:

10 Nov 06

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