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bill ran against her in the
student council election of '03.
it wasn't a very close competition,
but at least by that time
everyone had enough sense
not to mention the irony.
her favorite movie is the little mermaid and
she is fascinated with snakes and millipedes
(simultaneously, for different reasons).
she cooks chinese food
and smiles when her mouth forms the word "wok."
she knows one day
she will rise out of that confining chair,
spread her
wings and just

30 Nov 06

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I like her.

Why amber wings?
 — PollyReg

her name is actually amber! weird coincidence, huh?
 — ilikeblue

I like it!  I especially like how line 16 is isolated.  I like it because I know the story behind it and it brings meaning to the poem, so you might wanna talk more concretely about what she is like and why she's important.  Nice work!
 — OwlGirl

okay. added a line that wasn't in the original version because i didn't want it to be so explicit. hopefully it clarifies?
 — ilikeblue