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i wasn't there to eat the host

i didn't do a damn thing
she's the one that fucked him
i'm not even mad,
just empty
this poem is
just like my life has been
a used up lighter i saw
in the freezing december
night sums everything up
i still didn't do anything
i was the good one,
why does this fall on me?
its so hard to forgive
and i'm still left feeling
that i should have gone
to church more
or something

5 Dec 06

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"i was the good one,
why does this fall on me?"

Because you were the good one, of course.

Very much so, by course.

You have too much fire left to consider yourself a washed out butane.

Even a frozen lighter pulled from the December tundra could ignite so much as even the next World War - if placed in the right environment.

Fuck them. Better propellants are everywhere.
 — DeadJester

Ditch lines 5.6.7. and 15, you just don't need them.
 — unknown

a little empty, it's like you've spaced out half a poem. Not bad though.
 — unknown

its supposed to be spacey
 — bear