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H2O ~ Haiku

Jump in the water!
Come on, babe, get wet with me.
You can't swim. You drown.

9 Dec 06

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Very creative, I love it

Samah Kalakh
 — samah_kalakh

I'm sorry, but isn't a haiku 5-7-5?
and the contraction for "could not" is spelled "couldn't."
 — unknown

it doesn't have to be 5-7-5. In the japanese classic haiku it was, but their syllable count is different to ours. This can be a haiku without the classical lay out. I like this.
 — unknown

Thank you, Samah and unknowns, for reading and commenting. I know, I know, I had difficulty with 'couldn't' because of the syllable count. Let's just call it a modern haiku ... :-)
 — JustineCH

If you write "can't" instead of "couldn't" it would be 5 syllables!

Otherwise, very cute.
 — ilikeblue

ilikeblue: brilliant!!! Have amended immediately. It works now!
 — JustineCH

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