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Talking to you

Talking to you
felt good the duration of my walk home
casually mentioned you should contact me more
told you I missed you
let you blow me off
let's pretend
you didn't spend time slowly breaking my heart
shattering the last of my shallow faith in relationships
I want you,
I always have
so I'll smoke this cigarette for you
drink too many beer
and miss rolling over to you in the morning
but I won't miss running into you on days when you were graciously out of my thoughts.

13 Dec 06

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I think this could be fleshed out a BIT more. I know, I know, i'm not big on lengthy poems either..but I feel like the story needs a little more explanation. I enjoyed the first stanza...the second stanza I would completely remove...The first two lines of the last stanza are a bit trite and cliched. But the last line is VERY nice. keep working at it.

 — unknown