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the first time i woke up in the bathtub

i tried to stand
vomited air.
all i could remember
was an early shot
of whiskey
in jon mcgee's
my mom came in
with a pillow
and a blanket
put a glass of water
and two packets
of alka seltzer
within reach.
in the afternoon
she woke me
and gently placed
a hard boiled egg
to my lips,
as i chewed
she rubbed my forehead
and started
singing softly.
the words
escaped me,
i'd heard her
sing it to my father
under similar
years later
would come to find
she cut her teeth on it
as a teenage girl
while sobering up
my grandfather.

17 Dec 06

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I think this is great work.  Powerful and sad and well done.  Thanks for a fine read.
 — CervusWright

this is good shit.

 — unknown

i'm not so impressed. this is not poetry.
 — unknown

there seems to be a tradition of poems here that are follow a vertical format of little literary substance and ending with a weak attempt at an epiphany.
 — unknown

kick ass poem
 — varun

cut her teeth on what?  while i can presume it's an egg or even 4skin it is not clear
 — unknown

Strong imagery of a woman always at the ready for the men in her life.  I wonder what she thinks of them and her place in their lives?  You made it count.
 — Isabelle5

what did she cut her teeth on?
 — x2jocelyn2x

I read it as cutting her teeth (which means getting her experience) helping clean up drunk men.  I use the phrase "cutting teeth" often and it was nice to see it here, used as I feel it should be.
 — Isabelle5

hmm, I dunno.  I kinda only like the first 3 lines, the rest doesn't do much for me although I like the story.  Too many unneccesary words?
 — jenakajoffer

The IDEA of the story.  Not done like this, is what I meant to say.
 — jenakajoffer

this is beautiful, i like the structure and i like how you end it tying the three generations together. it has style and substance which is always nice to read.
 — bowiegirl

Ls12-16 seem to restate the previous lines..

For some reason I found this uncommonly moving.  Luckily, reason never mattered much in poetry.  Triumph, author.
 — WordsAndMe


thanks for reading.

jen:  "Too many unneccesary words?"  I think you are right about that.  there is some superfluos data here that needs to be trimmed,

thanks again,
 — unknown

Not so bad. 8
 — unknown

Did you change somethings?  It looks and reads better.  
Or do I just like this now that I haven't seen it in a while?
Well, for whatever reason, I do like this.
Nicely done.
 — jenakajoffer



i trimmed it a bit,

thanks again for reading.

 — unknown

 — OKcomputer

thanks for reading.

 — unknown

good work!
 — unknown

i love how it comes full circle. great imagery. nice work!
 — topop

that kinda depressin. but good job.
 — Roquelle

Yeah, while "cut her teeth" is a stimulating image, I'm not sure what you're talking about.  "It" would seem to refer to the song, but how does one cut one's teeth on a song?  Even metaphorically?

The subject and setting are interesting, but as an unknown party mentioned already, there isn't much poetic device implented here.  Take this and put into poetics and you've got something.

Right now, you've got a 6.
 — aurelius

Powerful stuff
 — larrylark

I didn't get:  "cut her teeth on it", but other than that, I like this.
 — aforbing

all thanks for reading.

"cut her teeth"

learned it.

thanks justin.
 — jjjjhyde

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