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Ode to Tamara

rushed in and out of places
with bare glimpses of jellyroll planets
full of fat frenchmen and crouching mimes
dressed in candystripe green and yellow
wooped crazy with silent laughter
i pinched your arm with glee and watched
your small white teeth sparkle and explode
with chips of atoms stolen from
the mall on the moon
our rocket stalled in a crossroads cloudbank
backlit by summer storm
we caught ourselves on fire
with the rhetoric of love minus zero
you didn't dare blink
at the galactic dance where all
the one eyed women wore the
masks of  old gods
and winked at themselves
in a gallery of twisted mirrors
cast in starsmoke
still smiling
limitless earth loomed up on
the port side asking us to
identify ourselves
too late we crashed into a
small cup of oolong tea and
swam away in a steaming sea.

22 Dec 06

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