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Life is a Job

When I was a young man,
still wet behind the ears,
I acquired my first real job.
The boss told me to talk
to a man by the name of Andy
who had been working there for
over thirty years.
Andy said,
"I'll give you three
pieces of advice,
you follow these and
you'll be alright.
First, always set a
good, steady pace,
no matter how fast you work
the boss will always give you more.
Secondly, work smarter, not harder,
don't do things the hard way
always try and take it easy.
And the last thing,
which may be most
important is that
shit rolls down hill,
if the boss gets in trouble,
you had better believe we will too."
I heeded the old man's advice
and decided that this job was
not too bad, I could manage.
After about two months at this
place, on a Friday with an hour
to go, I was sweaty and dirty
and declared:
"This place sucks!"
and Andy looked at me
with his dull eyes and said:
"kid, that's life."

29 Dec 06

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I read this and instantly felt like someone was reading this to me, telling me a story. I heard a definite voice there, and I like that a lot.

It would work as slam poetry, of a different sort - the slam poetry that I like the most is the kind that shares a story, instead of just being a mish mash of words. This is good.
 — KibBen

that was funny
 — kronah_kcmg

Sounds like an email forward. Bad.
 — OKcomputer

 — bear