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The clock strikes a quarter past three as we watch reruns on TV
I couldn't tell you what was on if I tried,
but listen to me, there's something on my mind
Between my arms and inside my chest pumps a heart that has never stopped beating
You've never given up on me, you've never lost sight of your dreams
Promise us, promise me, understand I'm not as strong as I seem to be
Beyond this stable and sturdy core is boy seeking for a purpose, for something more
It seems you're the perfect shape for this feeble heart
Broken dear, I need your solace, your tender embrace
So sweet, so delicate, so smart, so original
Sometimes it's so hard to be free when liberation only exists in sensor memory
And it kills, I know, that pictures in a picture frame are just memoirs caught and
thrown into confinement, no escaping
But if a picture is all we have
let's make tonight more then just a memory . . .
let's make it a dream come true
so that every night when we say our "goodbyes" we'll be in the presence of fervor
I can't stand the thought of me leaving you to wander
Don't you worry; I'll make up some excuse so I can stay a bit longer,
Just one more night, I'll still fight for you
like you fight for truth, how you fight with sincerity
I'll fight because you know me, yet still . . . you choose to embrace me

6 Jan 07

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