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Just.. Stop.

A thought stream..

How much the villain am I?
When all that is yearned for
is all that I seek
and All
that is sought
is I
the thoughts that assail me?
Sanctioning their rotation
aggravation to elation
the story I believe
my Self to Be
yet none of it
is Me.
How much the scourge am I?
When the rapture and rage passes by
paralysis, suffocate
My horror, My pain
I entertain
the lie
that All
is Me
yet I remain.  Here
Am I
I Am
seeking the sound and fury
regret and remorse collapse me
this too
goes by.
How much the Love am I?
As I breathe in a tangerine sky
and My feet infiltrate tidal loam,
who am I?
Dark and Light
Love - hate; good - evil; doubt - belief.
Peace and violence
and Innocence
all Truth already known
what lies beneath
No thing, Now here,
a Master, a Mentor, a Seer
as it is below
so it is above
Existence tells us so.
We are needed
for Life and I
I am

18 Feb 07

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Sorry...this is horrible. I know you just put it up, but this is abysmal. I did enjoy your whimsical rhyme. a 9/10 for that.
 — Henry

Thank you kindly :D
 — unknown

I get it, but there wont be too many that do.  This is terrific, unknown & makes you think about who we really are (10)
 — unknown

Thanks for reading and for understanding and for your feeback, Unknown above ^
 — unknown

This is beautifully written as it caputures the truth about ourselves. Our wants consume us so that we doubt the substance of ourselves. You are not alone.

Here I am and love is where I must nurture it!
 — fallentears

Thanks fallentears.  Saying that I 'am not alone' is just what I needed to read at this moment.  Timely feedback for me right now, and I really appreciate it.  Thanks again..
 — CervusWright

 — unknown

your header was the first thing i thought when i saw the layout of this poem - it seems to 'stream' in and out -  poetic meander. hmm.

normally, a question in the first line is something i'm not a big fan of, but this seems to be phrased in quite a, whats the word ... whismical (?) way.

lines 2-5 flow rather nicely, but then it gets broken up and i lose the feel for it - i feel like i've hit a rocky patch somewhere upstream, getting stuck on a difficult bend. it breaks down the flow. unless of course you have intended for this process of erosion. i was wondering if you be so kind as to tell me the purpose of the breakdown in lines 6-7?

line 12 - Self to Be? why are the capital? i don't see the purpose of them.

stanza 2 feels much better - the flow is more free and less broken down.

line 33 - tangerine sky feels overused. not in your poem, but with regards to the phrase as a whole. maybe something more, 'real' could be used - to compliment the rather unique way this poem is written.

the final stanza i think is beautifully written. overall, the aspect and approach is written quite passionately. I'm just intrigued by the reasoning for the random capitals.

 — Esoteric

Fine and intense psychological poem. I saw my own thinking process embedded in some of these lines. I liked the contrast i felt between the light surface rhythm you created and the depth it conveyed.

Larry angst man Lark
 — larrylark

I enjoyed your non-toad poem.
 — chuckles

love this whirlwind of a poem...
 — lzug

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