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A Dedication to the Presumably Late Edgar Allan Poe

Shakespeare quickly bored me
with his many plays of woe
as did Thackery’s "Pendennis,"
and Sir Walter’s "Ivanhoe."
I had skimmed, "The Spy" by Cooper
and then "Walden" by Thoreau.
But they couldn’t hold my interest
like the several works by Poe.
I first dappled with “The Raven”
of a man who lost Lenore
and was constantly reminded
by a raven’s, “nevermore”
that he’ll never see his loved one
or be with her once again.
Which still thrills me though I’ve read it
several times since it’s been penned.
Enchanted, I went on to read
“The Cask of Amontillado”
which was of the sluggish murder
of a man named Fortunato
who was drunk and kindly lead to
a small niche, where in the end
he was walled in rather slowly
by a man he’d called a friend.
Now engrossed, I read “The Black Cat,”
then the “Gold Bug” and “Hans Phall.”
And I read his many others
till I’d thought I’d read them all.
And I had, though there was something
that I wish I’d never read
by a man named N. P. Willis
who revealed Poe was dead.
His essay left me saddened,
though still hopeful I presume
that in hiding Poe’s still writing
with an unknown nom-de-plume.
And although he’s near two-hundred
years of age I’m sure some day
he shall grace us with his new works
under Henry le Rennet.

26 Mar 07

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you watch way too many Hollywood movies.
 — trochee

I for one, am looking forward to it.
 — unknown

Soon. In a cinema near you :-)
 — unknown

Okay...the poem is finally complete. It used to read: "Poem coming soon." Well, here it is.
 — Henry

Absolutely Brilliant!
 — Maximilian

Sir I know this poem has been a long time in the making, and I definitely believe it was worth it.  The imagery..the rhyme scheme..the allusion..the personification! You are truly a modern-day Poe!
 — Maximilian

I am flattered Maximilian. You are too kind indeed. It did take a while, but I think it was worth it too. I started it March 26th and put the finishing touches on it today--August 15th.
 — Henry

You've had us in suspense, dear Henry, and you certainly did deliver!  You are a crowd-pleaser indeed! 10/10
 — Maximilian

heya henry. I liked this poem. Your very fine cadence stumbles here and there. (E.g. in S2 in the last two lines,) so you might like to take a burn through that. I'm a Poe fan myself.
 — unknown

fix your comma's henry!
 — Maximilian

I will Max. I just need some "critical" comments. Please...suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you for pointing out the cadence problems...I'll ponder this.
 — Henry

Hm, I like this. I think I'll make a little spinoff of it.

Once upon a midnight dreary,
The idea came to be
That if you aren't Poe or Henry
It is you it sucks to be.
Henry's IQ is three million
Writhe in Henry's DNA
I'll go to your house and kill ya
If you are not Le Rennet.
Henry is a god among men
And you are inferior;
If you think you should exist, then
Quoth the raven: "Nevermore!"
 — unknown

As usual you comment anonymously on your own desperate work and seek the help of your other half maxie to back you up. Edgar Allen Poe would be ashamed of you Henry.
 — unknown

The ending is lame.  10/10.
 — technomancer