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a carless gipsy and his dog

it's better for you, madam to keep your fucking job
and save it for someone else.
i'll not start speaking about my vision of Time,
someone else already did for me *.
i need to walk away, careless,
i'll keep on waiting.
i'm 25 but i can't give any meaning to it;
i'm not looking for explanations, i'm not looking for shelter.
the rain start rusting my brain's connnextions
no more dopes
just the strange painful feeling of loneliness i can't miss out.
oxidiane arrow's heads, oxidiane arrow's hearts.
so please, master, don't be mistaken
make the right choice and throw me out of this office, i'm in the wrong place but i've just followed the stream.
anyone, anyone out of my mind should forget me;
would be easier for everybody.
i don't ask. i don't expect.
i just hate lies and i can't face their strength;
the truth is so clear that we've no need to speak.
"hey! c'mon you've already pissed on that lamp."

26 Mar 07

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im not sure what it is about this poem but it caught my interest i like it.
 — MrFetus

same issues repeat themselves.
don't forget,
it IS possible to break free.
 — photobooth