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our house
no longer
we are
and you flinch
whilst I preach

5 Apr 07

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for some reason I like this despite the sadness.  nice write.
 — changeling

It was very intrusting but sad. i enjoyed, keep up the good work.
 — superquestio

Thank you changeling and superquestio very much
 — stout

Hello Stout.

I like this one much better than your slumber and big man poems.

Thanks for the read,
 — PollyReg

Hi Stout

This one speaks to me of one life stifled and repressed by another and the diminishing effects of that on a relationship. Of course i could be completely wrong, I usually am.

Larry dunce poet Lark
 — larrylark

nice pome, stout.
why is it not about beer?
 — varun

good question Varun, would have made this a much better poem.
 — stout

let's go drinking. i've got my soda-glasses on, where's my guiness?

i'd put 8/9 in one line. and also might get rid of that 'and'.
 — varun

Varun - 8/9 in one line now
left the 'and' in
yes let's have a drink.
 — stout

Happy new year stout.

 — unknown

Hey, Fuck face.
 — unknown