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When It Rains, I Pour

It slipped through the cracks,
the same as rain falls from the clouds,
it all just becomes too much to hold on to
and then the scales tip... it pours
and it doesn't stop
waterfalling on my head,
I want to move
to chase the night back into day
chasing the stars away
and keeping dreams that matter at bay,
maybe the moon gets filled with light
and out comes the next day... it pours
Maybe my eyes are the moon,
my memory the clouds
and I take in everything around me,
so much that I rain... I pour

10 May 07

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this is great... im glad i found it. love it.
 — brokenarrows

think about the title in braids and a little sun dress

the van said candy,

 — Salamander

this is great... The site is a treasure trove
 — Rossant