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"Frolwing fer a carcus: a cereal killer/a cereal kill't" A LIST OF MONSTARS STARTS HERE:

Ur   art stars art
pissing on thine feet.
contra freely pee-bee
sainta p. w. opp, opp:
Hei, er dü sad,
hei, er duü sad today?
what did your mind say? Thats  an outright shame. lock your door
, here come the monstars:
i . Banana Henry Gets Flipped Inside Out:
-------growling undertones:
i know a bunch of monsters, many monsters
are sad, many monsters are glad,
many monsters are a tad
too mad. thats why i said lock your door:
they are all fellows no girls, all of the male sort.
banana henry is fine
because he is embarrassed
in a large crowd of people
for being so mismatched
embarrassment at being so mismatched
in a large crowd
whenever one were to gather.
he is yellow:
that's fine by me, because me too
i turn red in a crowd: ho-ho-ho.
especially for a crowd in a city
beneath the buildings what stand
above crowds of helpless
                    collapsing people
(walking near tall buildings
that stand against taller things.)
a bird for banana henry, at our dinner party,
when he spoke out loud to mr. hatch:
"i am not a banana i am a lovely white dove,"
and to this we all replied, that is very much unlike
a banana, banana-henry.
and then he shot himself in the 'ead and that
was the end of that.
"A toast!" we said, and when the glasses clinked. we
rode the bus home quietly and with bashful red faces in the dark of 9 pm.
Actually, his face was an orange tint.
ii. a blowjob
the little boy walks in on
his father and mother
and joins them.
i saw it, you saw it just now
how do you feel, you intellectual
trash, \/
iii. a gunshot
a little boy walks in on
his father and mother
and joins them.
i can do this because it makes
perfect sense
i am looking at it with microscope vision:
it is language and it contains cohesion:
"the little boy walks in."
that's all it says.
iv. Merl la Pint the big blue monster takes ice baths
his wife complains: she complains to him, gasping,
"You never bring me presents."
she screams and whines, "I am your slave," you never take me anywhere
beneath my nodding and my air of understanding,
I always sympathize
with the girl i don't know her at all, and I don't
                   even know if she's human.
i laugh for it: after all,
it can't be translated back to brainlanguage.
v. the weather report
merl found out the difference between the
raindrops and the wind what blew it
where it went:
there is none. everything is having sex.
he can't stand rain
and doesn't want to touch it
or take it out to lunch.
vi. peace
there was peace at last. we could shout then.

28 May 07

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gobsmacked into a state close to..... close to.... approaching....
 — banditfemme

your poetry is astonishing.
I hyperventilate.
no, I don't.
But it does cew at my throat.

This silence between my first comment and this one truly perturbs me.
 — banditfemme

thank you banditfemme. you like my poetry: indicates parallel souls?
 — OKcomputer

became an addict with
yellow yellow bride
I now chase balloons and money-hoons
but my landscape is very narrow
 — banditfemme

this is very very good.
congratulations for a very very good piece of writing, and thank you for sharing it.
 — unknown

truly an example of clear thought.

 — midare

there so much is to be gleaned from this.
i love how the language slips in and out of simple/complex/metaphor
the last line is quite brilliant.
this makes i'm squelched with hot red joy fevers.
 — onklcrispy

serial killer may be better
 — unknown

no. its a cereal killer. cheerio killer.
 — OKcomputer

To me this lacks cohesion, and certainly fades from complete nonsense to... profundity.  Great stuff!  and obviously tossed in a bound brown box and shipped violently to the triangle and back.  
 — Infrangible

really good.
 — unknown

this is how is wish i could write.
it must be very interesting inside your head.
 — wemsntdspair

I'm speechless, except to say I'm speechless.
 — Aziel

and Peace is the wordless cry -- well I was compelled to the end and your vagaries of cohesive experiance and sex is the basis of all commune brain songs like birdys sing a ding dong thing -- your language reaches and teaches us to reach for more in your visioning -- from MOOn stars we come and shall return seeking the deep --
 — AlchemiA

this is fucking awesome.... i'm a little too box wine to say anything constructive though. I especially like l82.

great job!
 — AtomBombJohn

this is OK ;) thought it was your duality etude -- the darkness of infinite space gave birth to all that is, including the light -- often we must gather ourselves into darkness for our Dreams to aspire --

We make our monsters under the bed,
and we make our fears inside our head,
so when we stop all this make believe,
we wake to Peace and no more dread!

When the mind is drawn to dark
and our body aches with grief,
we go within and seek the silence
'tis there we find relief.

To Dream we need to rest
and to live we need to dream;
rest easy and Dream a new life ...

artFULly writ with yer infinite wit in it
 — AlchemiA

all i ask for is a sincere explanation beyond the general idea of words constraining our lives
 — unknown

Once again--This (to me), looks like a bunch of people who want to appear "arty" so are afraid to say this makes no sense whatsoever.  I must not be a poet if I don't "get" this piece so I will pretend I do.

It looks and reads (to me) like a thesaurus threw up.  

There are so many simple, direct, genuine writes here that go unnoticed or end up slammed in the comments because they are simple, direct, and genuine-- and this nonsense--this is number one?  
 — unknown

I dare anyone to explain it without expressing redundant themes
 — unknown

this is not one of my best, i admit, but if you keep your mind in a literal world i feel sorry for the feeling of your life, and i am also jealous
 — OKcomputer

the double edged sword.

n w o c
 — syrossoul