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//at the drug house on van-buren//

i rented a
second floor
the blond woman
across the hall
had been a model
in new york
thirty years ago.
now she was a
heroin case.
my first night there
she stopped me
in the hallway.
my boyfriend
is in the clutches
of a
peculiar season,
she said.
before i
had a chance
to say anything
she kissed my cheek
said i was a saint
amongst mongrels
and drifted back
to her room.
next day after class
i pulled into
the gravel lot
behind the house
during heavy
a whippet-thin man
in boots
and yellow
kitchen gloves
towards me.
he frantically explained
it was imperative
to the establishment
of continued world order
that he find
a tabby cat
named rex.
i let him
search the trunk
of my car
my backpack
and even
turned out
my jeans pockets.
then i took an oath
on my calculus textbook
that should i
come to possess knowledge
of rex's whereabouts
i would disseminate it
to him
and ONLY him
post haste.
you're a
saint amongst mongrels,
he said
and kissed my cheek.
then he slung
the biggest goddamn
crescent wrench
i’ve ever seen
over his shoulder
and blazed
the alley
in a
dead sprint.

12 Aug 07

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great work.
 — listen


thanks for reading.

 — unknown


you're a saint among mongrels.
 — amaviena

confirmation of your solid foundation.  again.
 — netskyIam


thanks for reading.

there's probably a novel or short story in the seven months i lived in that house.
i doubt i'll ever write it.

take care,
 — unknown

Your poetry is so great and then I get to the end of each one and am suddenly lost.  Do you do that on purpose, or is it me just not getting it?  I wanna know about the crescent wrench so I can understand your writing.
 — starr



thanks for reading this.

he didn't say it out right, but my overal impression was that he was going to kill the cat with it.

take care.
 — unknown

I knew that curiosity killed the cat, but I had no idea the goddamn crescent wrench did too!  Thanks 4 the breakdown, Justin.  Now I gotcha.  You ARE a saint amongst mongrels.  GREAT line.  If you ever write a book, that would be the most awesome title ever!  Peaceout.  Starr
 — starr

I can tell you are living an incomplete life. To feel more complete, read the works of Poe or his contemporaries Maximilian and Henry. 6/10
 — Henry

DUH! Am I dense. Only now, after a third reading do I realize that ex-model and underwear man are a couple. Shades of Bukowski, or so it sounds to me.
 — erato

Beware, Justin. Using symbols in your titles will garner you nothing but negative attention, no matter how handy a distinctive sign is.

Excellent poem. You are one of three poets I've ever read who used profanity without weakening their work at all, excepting slam poets of course.

In any event, strong piece. It's imperative to the continued establishment of world order that I give this one a ten. =)

 — teo_omega11

I enjoy your rhythm and line breaks. Very nice poem. Ignore Henry.
 — unknown

creative, well written and observed, easy to read with a journey that takes you to some real depths and then lightly skits over them..

good stuff
 — Mongrol

With normal line breaks, this wouldn't be two pages long. I wonder if you think it looks better, are scared of a full line (for lack of writing power) or if you actually expect people to read it like it's written.

Don't get high and write. It's for professionals only.
 — unknown

Yes! And wonderful! You have kinder film noir moments than I.
 — Highwayman

its too lucid for my tastes. isn't rex more of a dogs name?
 — DeformedLion

i very much like this. especially the kisses and comment they both give.
 — sedx

a story.
 — aurelius

very nice. perfect 10 in my book, i can't find a flaw.
 — bear

left me wanting more from the blond and less on the wrench
 — poetbill

what's the reason behind //____//

seems to me as if you're copying rhein and salvatine
 — unknown

I could picture it like it was being played out in front of me.  the breaks add a great rhythm, a great piece, I really enjoyed it.
 — addagirl

the story is compelling and the writing terse and metaphoric implying realism in the protagonist amidst the unreality of the events -- every saint started out as a worm and every worm can become a saint and most are mongrels -- did you ever find the tabby?
 — AlchemiA

haha. this is hysterical.

it'd be even funnier if it were true.
 — tiedtoes

i like it very much. got any short stories? i'd love to read.
 — OKcomputer

justin rocks!
: )
 — fractalcore

i wish you'd write the short story this is a segment of. I'd so love to read it.
Still a favorite.
 — amaviena

this conitues to be one of my favorites
 — addagirl

I dont see any meter in this at all.
 — unknown

Bukowski lives!
 — unknown

thanks for reading.
this is as autobiographic as it gets.

unk, bukowski was slightly myopic - - but i think his myopia was a premeditated ploy to sell more books,,,

so it goes,
justin hyde.
 — unknown

ha-ha-ha, that was a really good ending
 — unknown

yes, wonderful poem with some great lines as some have pointed out.
 — SkaaDee

Id pay $ to read this
 — unknown

 — antipoetry

For real, this poem is one of the best on site.
 — Known

This has a great lyrical quality to it. For some reason I got hung up on repeating the 'saint amongst mongrels.' And lastly, a dead sprint. I had difficulty imagining what that must be like.
 — unknown

Still un-fucking-believable.
 — Known