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"Spread your wings and fly",
he told me, when I told him to give  
back his money. "I want to hold your hand",
he said.
That was the same night the elementals
swarmed down crashing about my walls, and the dragon flew  
above, and I was beckoned into the night
of Pan...  
"Do you know what you have?"
"She let me out. She's fed up."  
"I know you. I've seen you."
[Words that moved me with pain and passion;
It was the sharpest intimacy I had ever known,  
The most torturous orgasm of mind and soul,
A knife of intensity eating my skull out.]  
The morning after  
he passed through me,
the east was like the west;  
An arctic ocean breeze stirred through  
and I remembered it from a far away land..
I felt the temples and the tide  
coming in; I felt bliss  
that I hadn't known in this life  
[The world was clean.]  
And I heard screaming
as souls were taken,  
forced to look themselves
in the mirror.

"...is the serpent who rises to meet the Empress who's totem is the door, dare you enter. At that moment of orgasm there is a surrender, the ego falls and consciousness rises to touch paradise"

"Ten is the number of the ineffable Sephiroth, ten and not nine, ten and not eleven. Understand this wisdom, and be wise in the perception."

(written Febuary 14th, 2004)

12 Sep 07

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