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Embodying Karma

I'm standing against
a wall in
INRIS posture
trying to suppress
the humiliation of
this game.
I look at
all the Citizens
gathered around me
poking, mocking
trying to bring
me down to
their base level.
The Father says
I should beg
for forgiveness
of theses fools
but no, not me
I want vengeance
Why should they
get away with this?
Why should they
not feel my pain?
I am Karma
I'm the force
that will put
every person
where they
deserve to be.

18 Sep 07

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"surpress the humiliation of the game" -- the man had to control himself to keep from humiliating the game by barfing on the table. too much karma for lunch.
 — joey

karma is just so fucking stupid...grow up.
 — DeformedLion

oi! fuck you. don't tell me to grow up. i'm a firm believer in karma. if you don't think what goes around comes around i guess you haven't been on this earth for long friend.
 — bear

Tell that to the dead mother raped and killed when you get to heaven...all karma has an answer for is the attacker, who may go to jail...and all we want is vengeance...but the only thing he can give to us is his own conscience.
Is there really a balance? Or will will you say this 'mother' deserved to die.
 — DeformedLion

i thought karma gave the following answer to the mother: to be reborn and live a 'good' life?
 — unknown

yeah fine...as long as everyone sleeps well at night. I suppose thats all that matters.
 — DeformedLion

karmalized Korn, though. not anything but words, Yes, and so you have to invent the wheel of karma and the axel of transfered motion. joe lion has to say stuff about karma, cause it's his karma -- in his past life he choked on a snail at Chez Jean and chere chez la femme.
 — joey