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My Aether Oar

It's aether.
My subconscious is trying.
      To contact me, oar
God is talking to me?
      through my poems.

31 Dec 03

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a clever play on words. ok.
 — Charlie

haha... i like.
 — Jsmiles05

I really like it a lot. You are so good at this, gnormal.

Not a haiku, but constructed with the same care and with the same level of difficulty. Well done.
 — rob

This is so darned good. You are the master at this sort of poetry. You are so unique.
 — Isabelle5

Fantastic. Love it. Love the way it reads completely differently without the punctuation. Give me 50 years and I may come up with something like this.
 — mgill

It's really nicely structured, but I think it could be better if you removed the capitalization/punctuation. Maybe also if you reversed the word order of "God is."
 — Virgil

clever .
 — unknown

yep, it is.
: )
 — fractalcore

Yes, very cool. You shine like a torch in a dark cave full of diamonds and sponge-cake.
 — DeformedLion

Imperfect but pleasant.
 — technomancer

i'd say it's all intentional -- the punctuation, italization,
capitalization. the quirkiness, albeit sending a gnormal message
on another plane, doesn't really interfere with the supposed
normal message.

with the title in perspective, this is like killing 3 birds with one stone.
: )
 — fractalcore