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visiting nothingness

i'm off, i'm off!
farewell my friends,
i am taking a
trip out of my mind
and i do not know
when i shall be back
there is no time
and no setting
in this place
so it's hard to say
the hour of my return
so say a prayer
for me and for
my epic journey
so i may return safe
from this unknown place
and tell the world
what i have seen
in the form of writing

1 Nov 07

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this would make an amusing away message on AIM. it's cute.
 — unknown

In all fairness, would nothing be all that epic? also, why pray? if you've accepted a void, you are prayer and it would be redundant to pray for you. Furthermore, writing isn't the only way to communicate this incommunicable idea, so I don't really understand that conclusion.
 — Notecompsure

imagination... duh.
 — bear