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~I Used a Towel

I have a bathroom,
a bathroom painted
blue; with a sink
toilet, and
Alas it is not complete,
my bathroom;
for true ecstasy comes only
toilet paper.

20 Nov 07

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Stupid poem of the month
 — poetbill

Yep.  It's pretty fuckin' stupid alright.
 — unknown

I liked it, so true... :D
 — unknown

Ditch "the presence of" (lines 9-10).  "ecstasy comes only/with toilet paper" would suffice.
 — mikkirat

yes it is stupid.
never said it was clever.
and thanks mikkirat i will fix it now.
 — EpicPants

Should footnote be part of the poem?
 — EpicPants

like gangsta as in 'that is the sickest g'
or as in 'i threw up in my mouth a little bit'
 — EpicPants

how about we compromise and you
don't read this crap
 — EpicPants

Dah, I had hoped to be done with this thing, but since it keeps jumping out at me, here's two more cents on the subject of the footnote: consider making "I Used A Towel" the title instead.  Comedic pause.
 — mikkirat

great idea
works well
a little cleaner now,
thank you
 — EpicPants

How true

Larry ruffage Lark
 — larrylark

Lost its rythym but gained respectability.  Excuse me while I run to the john.
 — poetbill

Thank you once again Mr Lark and to you Bill the poet
 — EpicPants

I've seen that before...
 — EpicPants

i used a _____ but that was a long time ago.
: )
 — fractalcore

Hah, glad you liked it.
I hate it when no-one stacks up,
and I don't want to waddle around awkwardly searching.
But refraining from the details,
thanks :)
 — EpicPants

we tend to forget about our bare hand, don't we?
whatever you did on the toilet.
: )
 — fractalcore

I guess, my sink does work
but I'd rather refrain from that.
 — EpicPants