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slipping into the world of form

it seems i'm
slipping further
and further
from reality
and starting to
find my niche
in the world
of form.
i am starting
to believe
this is no gift
as my teachers
tried to tell me.
instead i think
this "gift"
is more of
a curse.
i am starting
to shun normal
such as school,
work, and papers
in order to visit
my mind and
all of my
very real friends
that reside in poetry.

26 Nov 07

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formal this has to be, since it doesn't read as more than an instruction set on how to program you to give us poetry. their reality isn't a poet reality, it's a teacher's reality... what do they really read when they read a poem themselves?

maybe it's that you haven't understood that the teacher's "reality" was that you'd write poetry so that you'd write at all, and learn to write good college essays, and get married and be successful and thank them or something. looking at the writing, writing is its reality, isn't it? it has its own rules, and, if you've got the experience and intuition, those rules are the same as nature's rules, and all you have to do is find the form that matches the poem you want to invent. get that down and your friends in the poem will find a place to swim naked...
 — joey

or maybe they thought i was talented?
 — bear