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Christmas is just another day to get high

A wake and bake
for breakfast -
and then
newspaper wrapped gifts
A pair of socks
and some vise grips
Better than last year

25 Dec 07

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maybe if you diin't get high you'd get better presents.

"newspaper wrapped gifts" is exotic, and more interesting than your pre-concluded ending, which is so obvious that it makes this as boring as last christmas.

why not write about the molecules in the paper being smashed in your fingers while you open what your so hopeful packages? it's the hope that seems real in this -- that you think something else is going on while you're wasting your time. yeah, forget getting high.
 — joey

hows that ending Joey?  Any better?
 — unknown

"Better than last year" works nicely...poem is a bummer
 — poetbill

hope next one is much better for you.

aside from that, as a poem, i enjoyed reading it.

i'm left with lots of curiosity, but i felt the odd details of L4-6 was just enough to sate me.
 — of_shoes

vice grips -- nice joke.
 — wildrubyA

not a joke ruby... thats what I actually got
 — jkathleen

it is a joke, because all we know of you and your reality is in this post. i assume you're lying about this, and that you're really a middle aged rich housewife in encino with a husband and a lover -- and the lover sent you diamonds and the hubby gave you a new lamborghini. all i know about you is how you wrote this, not what you were writing about.

"vice grips" was the, what, metaphor for what you do late at night in front of the computer? or maybe it's that you don't have an appreciation for tools. shudda said "vice grips from sears" to get a more accurate boo-hoo, maybe. holiday time sucks. it's when all the unknown comes inside cause of the cold and you have to feed them ham.
 — joey

socks are a nice practical gift.
so are vice grips.
now you can fix the toilet.
'the year without santa clause' is a lot funnier
when you're wasted.
damn! Burl Ives can sing!
what do you mean there's no more
frosted mini wheats?
 — xixtas

you caught me joey, i'm really 45 years old with a husband and a lover on the side.  Or, I'm just doing what lots of people do, writing about the pertinent issues of my life.  I'm sorry that you don't like to read about the fact that money is short and life kinda sucks right now.  But thats whats going on with me, so thats what I feel like writing about.  Besides, if I'm not mistaken, only one of my other poems deals with the shittiness of being poor, so its not like the only thing I write about.

Thanks all you other guys for commenting.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I wrote it really quickly, so I'm open to any suggestions
 — jkathleen

my suggestion is to find the hidden easter egg of how to make things not suck that you inserted in the poem and listen to it.

i found one for myself, it actually has helped me, so thanks again for posting this.

a very positive poem now that i've thought about it.

its subtle, but its in there.

its always in there.
 — of_shoes

Thanks of_shoes, glad you enjoyed it :)
 — jkathleen