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arms reaching for something more
outward, inward
backward, forward
i feel a rasp on my wrist
a tangle in my throat
and that silhouette is cracking my vision
god, to crawl into that maze
without being swallowed
the bones in her fingers tear at my skin
my shoulders are snagged
and there are beads forming all along my arms
tiny little gasps, sad little yawns,
an involuntary laugh, a sacred shudder
underneath her sprawl
god, to curl into my other self
without feeling foreign
a salve was pressed onto my body
harder, impressing itself into my core
until there were no more sighs,
not a single longing in my joints, just
an ache for where the clouds part themselves
and limbs extend beyond their length
god, to feel the rustle she makes
when i close my eyes

12 Jan 08

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