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Into Wilderness

The raised roads will crumble down
behind the winding mountains
when I march to nowhere else
without wings, wheels or oars
The sun will succumb
to infectious twilight
later than usual
and a million years from now
I may be wise
Clear-cut trees
will stalk the horizon
like unwelcome dreams,
the flaying bark
of their ribs
taken to by the deer
*        *        *        *        *
The 9mm on my waist
(my cold eighth chakra)
reminds me
I am still helpless
against grizzly bears
Passing a cesspool birthing
millions of West-Nile viruses,
I notice a scar of mine
for the first time,
shaped also like a river
Wild dogs, I suspect
from the camp
in the gullet
of the night,
some trash some truck
vomited out (probably)
on a yesterday:
        -food wrappers
        -headphones with
        -loose ends and a
        -salty chip bag
their relationship
with snarls and jerks
They notice me for the first time
and say nothing;
the engagement is broken.
*        *        *        *        *
One of the dogs had an arm
(and center of gravity)
and the other had a piece of ear
left behind at a botched piercing
They left me there,
alone on the road
while their howls
rattled the sickle-cell moon
Wanting silence,
I wished
to shoot them both
to quiet each,
whose shouts stabbed
the inside of my crown
like misplaced obelisks...
sadly, .
On a mushroom-covered log
on a footstep-covered road
I sat down beneath the sky
and refused to cry
when the voices of wolves sang
cold across the taiga -
just another night on bald mountain

16 Jan 08

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Extremely eloquent. Nice
 — themolly

Wow, this is so good!  I really like the way you weave your way through the night, creatures, trash, to the mushroom covered log on the footstep-covered road.

Very nice writing.  
 — Isabelle5

 — Virgil

incredible piece.

did you ever watch grizzly man?
good film.
 — varun

only had a problem with 'may' in l9.
the two-sided-ness of it... hmm.
 — varun

i think
it is because of the 'will' in the first line of that strophe.

i thought the 'may' weakened it a little.
 — varun

also, is 'down' in l1 necessary?
i just thought that 'mountains' in the next line would suggest that. no?

also, consider moving 'cold' in l19, to l18, before 9mm?

gullet of the night
is my favourite line. lovely.
 — varun

forgot to rate this.

very nice.
: )
 — fractalcore

 — Virgil