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(Time) Tic tac

Unstoppable but I, you, all of us,
lived and will eternally live with it.
Sometimes a luxury
but today a necessity.
Used to be the servant
but now the master.
Tried to catch it
but went home empty-handed.
When will it ever learn
to humble itself?........
Would you know?
Ahh...Tic tac tic tac

3 Feb 08

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not sure I get the meaning, im probably just being daft but I dont get the time tic tac.
 — TCooks

should this not be tic toc? tic tacs are breathmints...
 — Ananke

It's alright...you may want to re-read it.  :)  ^^%^^
 — happymole

TCooks: It's alright...you may want to re-read it.  :)  ^^%^^
 — happymole

Ananke:  I'm more comfortable with As.  ^^%^^  Besides, we need breathmints when we are running out of time, right?  :)
 — happymole

i don't really understand what time is
or the Universe but the effects it has
on us sentient/passive beings are
undeniable. see what happens when one's
late for a major business deal or when
one's too slow to catch an immense
significance of a fleeting thought in a
fleeting moment. well, nothing's really put
to waste -- strictly speaking -- but we'll
never know what we're missing

ok, enough gibberish.
10-faved. tic-tac-toc-whack!
: )
 — fractalcore

Thanks Fractalcore.  Are you just trying to be modest?  I assume that you are certainly one of the few people who is very much knowledgeable of the universe, time, life, etc. because you know what fractals are.  :)  Nice try though.
 — happymole

people who are very much in-the-know
would prefer to be unknown -- well, not
the kind you get across here very often --
unless, of course, they choose to play rat
in the rat-race. and i'm no rat but rather
a lowly ant trying to learn what good i can
from the chaos.
: )
 — fractalcore

get = come
stupid me.
: )
 — fractalcore

you are certainly one of the few people who IS

 — happymole

happy hearts' day.
: )
 — fractalcore

 — unknown