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the camus syringe

i f'd joey last night
with my camus syringe,
he went all dark of thought
'nobody will ever love me'
i says "hush my darling,
-- he jumps onto my thought,
steals my mouth, squeaks--
it's experiential, as to say:
nodding my head, i realized maybe
it wasn't such a good idea...he could get
the wrong idea...spurt inside me,
and swim inside the semen like a
a little itsy-bitsy sperm
right up inside my head...
infect me with queer ideas on
the Poet and the Poem.
could make me smart, make me
get a hard on for intellectual
gratification, talk of symbols
and simpleton unknowns- then
crash them together like the
monkey in this poem.
and i would be pacified in my urge
to ever look outside, but to only
let the outside look at me,
--watch me pee. watch me. watch me--
squeaks he, like the mattress
and the coils conversing
as the world bounces up and down,
fucking the Poet not the Poem.

13 Feb 08

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there's a slight touch of genius to this one.
 — unknown

its a riff on the j-ho you dumb bitch
 — unknown

i wonder why joey hasn't commented on this yet....

whatever. shapeshifter. whatever. you plastic cheese-snack.
 — friedMnoodle

yah, it was fun, but, as aeverbody knows i'm a top, so obviously you were bombed again and got the whole thing turned around, as they say, and beer is for queerz, but really. this is pretty good, and once again it shows that when people write light verse with a real and identifiable object they write stronger than just getting off on the t.v. screen.

fun read, but littlenormalqueerboyconsciousness for the straight guy would make this kind of more, you know, brilliant.
 — joey

we are not worthy... a 9 for nearly perfect
 — poetbill