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For Tommy

How do you thank a lucky star
for sending you what
thought you'd never find?
Where do you send a note of thanks
when you've never believed there
was anyone to send it to?
No one to hear about your griefs
or your joys but a big empty sky
on a glittering black background?
I'll thank the sky for holding
out until I knew when I should
reach for it.
I'll thank the earth for holding
me up so I didn't fall when
I thought I'd never find it.
I'll thank the trees for sheltering
me from the waiting.
I'll thank the water for listening
to my silent, whispered prayers
to myself.
I'll thank you for being here
With me.
And trust that the universe understands.
I love you.

14 Feb 08

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Dear Tommy

thanks for the mammaries

 — chuckle_s