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i'm afraid, i cant [a senryu]

any word about
it will be an overkill –
my heart is my mouth.

     of course, i
contradict myself.

written 2/14/08
valentine's day

14 Feb 08

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contradicting just means eventually, double side of a story, possible interpretations.. funny how all is a contradiction - except for love
 — nisetru

thank you so much, nisetru.
i really tried hard for this not
to come out even a bit lovestruck
but one really can't hide some
things, right?

my heart is my mouth.

happy hearts' day.
: )
 — fractalcore

 — raskolniikov

thanks, raskolniikov.
: )
 — fractalcore

one of the best poems...a 10, of course!
 — happymole

you're very kind, happymole.
: )
 — fractalcore

 — unknown

think you too nevertheless,
er thank you too nevertheless,

: )
 — fractalcore

happy belated anniversary to this post as well.
: )
 — fractalcore

That ones that frac boy
 — ElsieTime