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I Love You

You are all the smiles
my youth
had never seen,
the sunshine at springtide
which turns winter’s
sleeping arbor green;
You are the senses
once dull, now keen;
Where I am in spirit
and you are in spirit,
love comes to softly intervene.

For Tee, who very Divinely intervened and for Joy who served as a catalyst for this union.  xxoo

14 Feb 08

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LOVEly - all Love SOngs and Poems get a 10 today  -- Happy Valentines Day

– To kiss the beloved with the same
kiss the beloved kisses me
and in that kiss live an eternity –
Oh our Hearts know this,
Love attracts Love,
the secret of the kiss –

in the Garden of Hearts where Love grows,
you and I and we and even our sex
or race are unnecessary distinctions -
let us be this empty yearning together,
with this ancient ache of longing,
the heart a compass, taking us where,
Love is the goal, I'll meet you there –
 — AlchemiA

You are sooooooooooooooooo COOL!  I love your energy!  I feel it right through the screen.  I also LOVE the way you accentuate the positive and make everyone feel so special!  Thanks for doing that for me too, Alchemia!  Peace, love, light 'n blessin's.  May Cupid (if he hasn't already) make you his next target.  Thanks for being YOU!  Love, Starr
 — starr

This poem feels divine and has made me go out and sprinkle holy water over next doors garden gnome

Larry the spirit moved Lark
 — larrylark

Larry!  Sine on, you crazy diamond!  Love, Starr  :-)
 — starr

To the unknown who gave this poem a 2 rating, go read my profile and you'll learn something about yourself that you probably don't know yet.
 — starr

Yeah, Starr I got an unknown without a comment giving me a 1 on my Love Poem for Valentines - I wonder if this guy is unLoved and down on anyone who gets it - that unknown is welcome in the Garden of Hearts - sorry to chat on your wonderful Love poem starr
 — AlchemiA

AlchemiA...right on.  Haters hate because they have no love; no self love, no worldly love-only emptiness of soul and of spirit.  Thank you for always being so good to me!  Email me sometime.  :-)  I think you're wonderful.  
 — starr


very nice.
: )
 — fractalcore

in a way all love poems deserve a 1 and a 10 at the same time...and I was never gonna like this, and I don't.
actually, the first 3 lines are good.

umm, there is too much butter on the toast...
 — DeformedLion

 — shakeit

All this trashy, clichéd, love-never-dies stuff ... what were you thinking?  Oh, you were thinking that everybody feels this way about somebody?  Or that everybody wishes they could feel this way about somebody?  You're fucking right.  Gimme sappy when the sap is pure maple; gimme the trash when someone is going to rifle through it and find their last meal; gimme "cliché" like "smiles my cheated youth has never seen" that resonate universally.  I can't write a love song or poem to save my life.  Why?  Because I'm one of the "wishes they could" love someone type folks, and it's "trash" like this that makes wanting to love someone that much more a compulsion.  (Which isn't healthy, by the way, but it feels good in its way).

10 from me because I fucking hate Valentine's day and I wish I could write this universally.

Fed up with the compliments?  Hope not.  I'll bet there's more to come.
 — VeroniCat

Awwwwwwwwww, Veronicat.  Compliments like yours are definitely few and far between.  As for this kind of love...let it suffice to say that it took 41 years to find me.  I have never in my life EVER felt this loved, this needed, this valued, this wanted, this blessed.  It will find you too even if u CAN'T put it into words.  Though I'm not usually a very "sappy" writer, I've always been a very tender, hopeful kind of brotha.  Live on, dream on and love will certainly find you too!  Thanks for making my day!  Big hug to ya!  :-)
 — starr

Whomever rated this remarkable love poem a 1 and a 2 is no doubt loveless and with all due reason.  Don't let the "loveless" ones get you down starr.
 — unknown

Heartfelt and simple.  What more could a love poem be?  
 — Isabelle5

Unknown, thanks for the kind words and Isabelle, thank YOU TOO!  :-)  
 — starr

This poem is lovely. Thank you for writing it. -Joseph
 — unknown

Joesph, sweet.  Thanks.  :-)
 — starr

and I love Lucy.
 — unknown

I love you too.
 — jenakajoffer




thank you!

 — unknown

this is lovely. a valentine's poem?


thanks F
 — unknown

BUMP. this is beautiful.
 — _fallenleaf

Wonderful bright starr. I am moved.
 — 9

Jen, F, fallenleaf and 9, glad y'all enjoyed this!  :-)
 — starr

p.s. - Yes, F., a Valentine's poem!  <3
 — starr