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voila bonzai chinese dragon tiptoes sideways

sew tiny chinese
dragon suit fit
for crab to wear.
don upon crab.
voila- tiny chinese
dragon tiptoes
see exquisite delight
erupt from me now.

totally doable.

24 Feb 08

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i love this one
 — nisetru

so fun-kind talk-so.
 — joey

 — Ananke

this is a delight
 — poetbill

good to see this signed with your other new piece.
how 'bout  a crab walking backwards with the 3rd
eye at the rear end?

truly a delight.
: )
 — fractalcore

been staring at this for a couple days with not much to say i guess the first thing i thought was voila thats pretty funny in the context of this poem what the hell is this title all about could it be sex 8 an 9 could be an orgasm maybe tiny chinese dragon is a dick dragon suit a condom i dunno but surely the language used sounds like recently immigrated master woo so definitely it works in that way im gonna keep looking at it
 — chuckle_s

 — chuckle_s

love - see exquisite delight
         erupt from me now.

exquisite is such a pretty word !!!
 — vein

love the poem. could work with the title. don't like 'totally'. 'doable I'  is good, particularly if you add a '?' so that it reads 'doable one?' and at the same time 'doable I?' as if you (the author) is asking whether or not 'do i dare turn this cute little crab into a bonzai chinese dragon?'.
 — hank

thanks for the title hank!
 — gnormal

if you drop "voila" it is a great title now
 — unknown

a crab
dressed up
as a chinese dragon
and named

that's beautiful.
 — unknown

just had a thought:

does totally doable mean to replace tipuet

 — chuckle_s

prfertc toe
 — unknown