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An irreparable emotion
Uncontrollable leaps of joy
An aim seems closer
The strenuous path crossed.
My Lord was here
And I am now.
Midst crowds of hundreds
But for me He danced yet again
Pulling my life towards him
And purging my reluctant self
An art form conceives our bond
And also finalizes it.
Ushering me to Your shrine
Where serenity enthralls me
Amidst purposeless talks.

1 Mar 08

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the oddness of inspired writing of god is understood, but the unavailability of theological language in modern english sometimes leaves our inspired poems off at the bus stop. for instance, here, in "art form"? and, really the poem itself is the art form... and i think you must have had a time coming up with a solution to how to say what you're saying in "art form" -- the organic manifestation before us of our beautious wish. yes, the simply saying, "well, there is nothing here more magical than an artist's representation, but it's what we use for this kind of activity". it's a very odd thing to say, really -- when the poem itself is an artist's representation of the dance, and not a notice for, say, a disco opening or a discount religious articles shop. your even saying it this way makes me feel that you were inspired to see it as a beautiful solution. not seeing the form of the manifestation, but only taking your word for it, i'm at the mercy of how you're saying this at all -- is this a poem, or a religious tract for people who shouldn't really waste their time with poetry when god is waiting?
 — joey

thanks for the rating :)
 — sarma

i've heard He's got a spot reserved on His right side for...
no, i think it's always been taken. the illusion is i/you walk
side by side with Him; or He is walking in the sand, carrying
me/you on His shoulders; or the other way around. He always
takes center stage aiming the spotlight at us. His black light is
a tricky thing and the significance of white in critical moments
escapes us always.

i can see you glow.
nice poem.
: )
 — fractalcore

thanks for reading
 — sarma