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Time Controlling - An Exercise in Futility

I think it should move faster!!
S l o w e r...
Not move at all.
But Time has an annoying way of
NOT doing what I think it should
And so
My futile pushes
useless pulls,
So very like
A mouse trying to alter the inexorable movements Of a train,
Leave me with the empty sense of
Having fulfilled
Nothing At All.

My boyfriend is far far far away studying for a year. Hence my struggle with the whole time thing!!

1 Mar 08

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What this may lack in any true poetic beauty is made up for in spirit. How about 8?  Yes, I like 8.  This reads like a journal entry with line breaks, but that's ok here.  I would be tempted to slash a bunch of the adverbs and modifiers out to give it a more poemy feel, but that's me.  This is cute ... I miss my boyfriend too, so perhaps I'm biased ha ha.
 — VeroniCat

 — nickiblitz

nickiblitz, after all this time you're still writing poetry.  i miss you.  where are you now? :)
 — mrkhoo

very nice.
: )
 — fractalcore