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When Joe debated his book

I welcome the B ,double O and the K,
Tyrants  takin' over my room today,
(book)"Hey Kid, come study! yes? nay?"
(me)   -Nay? language like that is so passe'
(book)" I hold your future, don't throw me away"
(me) -You're trippin', God owns that....okay!!
(book)"Look at you retreating, hair turning so grey"
(me)-Tempt me and black ashes you'll stay
(book)"The brave contemplates the attempted slay!"
(me)-you want a peice of me, come, make my day
(book)"A threat on deaf ears by anger is spoken"
(me) - Consider it a warnin', not a mere token
(book)"You dare threaten me, when I can break you!"
(me) - Break is not what I fear, What I fear is the screw
(book)" The screw? Education wasted, a mind gone to shambles"
(me)- Ur right, my speech has turned to rambles
(book) " Lol, brb, abbreviations so many....
             By teenagers with vocabulary so petty....
             So sad "I" can't be turned to letters
             Words I'll remain, The best of the better...."
(me) - B to the double O, K ur whack
          I ain't got time for you, so get off my back
      Chillin' with my homies, what we seek is the slack
         Wisdom, knowledge is useless crack
          The light of education to us is black
           And "you" , you're going back on the rack!!!

This pretty much summarises how after pulling an all nighter, you'll probably hallucinate having this sick debate while your bed seduces you in the background with warm sheets.

7 Mar 08

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always know when to fuck the book
 — afterbirth

Who the hell has patience to debate his book!
"black ashes you'll stay"........hell ya!
 — unknown

i love the Book's voice :)
so sad but true the story in lines 17-26; the first half of the poem so much reminded me of Shakespeare's dialogs. brilliant!
 — nisetru

To " nisetru", I can't tell you how many time I've debated my book.....he always sounds like some self righteous prick .....goody two shoes........knows what's best moron...........I'm glad someone out there enjoys hearing a poem about him being out classed in a debate. I am grateful for your comment.

To all the rest who commented.....thank you.

For all the others who haven't read it.............you are missing a chance at pay back!!!
 — mhdashraf

I want to say ..............I've had the same conversation before.
 — unknown

very nice.
: )
 — fractalcore

Thanks fractalcore....
 — mhdashraf