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oh jeez,
i remember when i was in france and
i hooked up with a boy a boy boy boy and
oh boy it was great. i was seventeen and
he was nineteen i do believe and
we hooked up that is we were hooked and
up in a lofty loft bed way up high and
the doors sang LA Woman below us and
he told me i was beautiful beautifool and
i believe i was a fool i believe i still am and
everything is far too craze-y crazy

8 Mar 08

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Jeezass Fukkin Khriced...and.

: )
 — fractalcore

hell and damnation
 — unknown

fract, your comment is fantastic!
 — jenakajoffer

I liked this, but then agian i am commin down, and have had some retardation recently (last night) and i havent bathed in two days, sleeping in the same cloths, and my fathers jacket--that i pinched from the closet he uses in my room--close to me at all times. Craziness is the sweet endulgence, and piety is the opposing sour, which, like a lemmon has some sweetness, hidden behind overpowering sensations--on the tongue. Tongue to cheek is what makes life interesting; we need to be fools once in a while.

Nice poem, it displays that perfectly.  
 — MattPat

nice title, by the way.
: )
 — fractalcore

Love is BuddaFull crazy - often the Fool is most the intelligent and plays in tune with wondrous splendours while finding heart shaped rocks by the Sea and laughing with the wind - often intelligent folks are Fools because they forgot to play and are crying because they don't see and wind up missing it all -- you captured that crazy electrical feeling that sends us reeling up to the ceiling and round and over and back up the spine as a tingling of sweet ecstasies divine like a tantric yabyummy
 — AlchemiA

This reminds me of the T.S. Eliot poem, "Hysteria"
 — palus924