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House of Lords (RoR)

Tired of these know-nothings
Always trying to say something
Always wearing their crown
Keep pushing me down
But sir,
May I ask
Who are you?
What do you do
That's supposed to
Make me listen to you?
Ain't that absurd!
The one with the words
Has ran out of verbs
So instead
I close my ears
Open up my eyes
Write my flow
And leave them all hypnotized
It ain't like you're the one
the only one
To try and touch these skies
So don't push me down
While you search the ground
For the last item you know
That little piece of your soul

Negativity never really suited me, yet it was already around, so I lost to seniority

9 Mar 08

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tired of these squeekers
saying they are seekers,
always sharing their schemes
for big limousines
mr. chump-trump scenes
but, well, i ask, you
how did you
learn to write as you do?
do they teach it
or preach it at pepperdine?
is it your day
to be capote for a day?
can i listen to you
you got your i-pod on too,
and the t.v. screams idol
and you can't hear YOU.
 — joey

so? can you help me fix this lamer thing?
 — joey

I am no combatant
In fact
Fighting is what I lack at
But strong senses are my appeal
And your strength is what I feel
But allow me to define myself
Before I put hope back on the shelf
I am no great savior
I am a one-second flavor
Soon as you taste, I am gone
So before I can praise anybody with song
Everyone must keep in mind where this belongs
Yes, I do appreciate
The compliments you do insinuate
Keep them comming
But please, let me iterate
Using my flow does not flatter
But more feels like hate
Is it just or fair?
I do not care
A feeling is a feeling
And this feeling you cannot repair
 — Derby

To take yours and add a spice of my own:

Tired of all these squeakers
Claiming to be truth-seekers
Sharing the schemes of their dreams
Of jewelry and limousines
Hello, Trump-wannabe
Can you help me see?
How you learned to write so well?
Is it your own or collegiate personnel?
Please tell me your way
to pretend to be a Master for a day.
But let me ask if you can even hear you
Through all the Ipods, Idols, and Zunes.
My mind is piqued and in full bloom
As I watch society's fungus consume you.
 — Derby

sublime. the house of lords sounded too buttoned down and maybe that was the derby, but bowler, but beefeater or any of the memory and associations. this kind of writing style is really bullet-proof but it still has energy levels and house of lords feels like cocktail hour.
 — joey

very timely piece like a Seiko kinetic.
: )
 — fractalcore

Joey wins biggest cunt but also best parody of a whiney poem
 — unknown

my parody was meant to be a really lamer parody -- it's so not like the style -- and was meant only to make a noise and not a slap. i don't think this is really your poem to comment on. ho-lords isn't whiney at all. read the footnote and weep for your wasted life.
 — joey

sorry  -  whiney poem and whiney footnote
 — unknown

Call this what you will. You can say I am complaining, but then you aren't really reading the poem. This poem is about the negative people out there trying to choke out the ideas of others. Resonates quite clearly with some of you right now. Either way, it was written out of honesty about an everyday subject. If you think it's boring, then you're skimming. If you think it's whiney, then you're ignoring the true message.

I think the true message behind this poem is more of a "sticks and stones" kind of feeling. So keep being negative and trying to "burn" me, but it will not affect me.
 — Derby

quite right. but, i do wonder where this was written for. where you'd read it for instance.
 — joey

my bad...this whine isn't a whine if you say it isn't
 — unknown

This is everyday life, Joe. This isn't at a shopping mall, it's not at work. It's all the above. And the "unknown" with their cowardices trying to push me down do not fret me because I have something they don't: a spine. Sure, I haven't always produced the best work, but at least I am sitting here producing it rather than giving negative comments without criticism. I laugh at people who are negative or edgy just to be that way.

To boil down to the point, I'm sure you can look in your own life and see people who tell you to stop creating because they think this way of you or because you do this. If that were true for everyone, then we wouldn't have the great artists we have today; We wouldn't have the great things we have today. That is the inspiration behind these phrases.
 — Derby

RoR ?
 — poetbill

what don't you understand about a criticism that says the poem is whiney??
 — unknown