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part of me strayed
from our transient euphoria
and returned me
to insecurities reminiscent
of adolescence, although
it was a fact
I had done nothing wrong.
To reveal this uninvestigated
departure to someone I loved
would be premature, expose
me to indefensible accusations
and make things probably
And so I made a pact with
those elements of me I had yet
to fully discover to agree that
private uncertainty is not a crime
if it remains unmentioned.

the plight of insight

12 Mar 08

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expected more lustful tragedy with that good title
 — poetbill

cant teach a whore new tricks
 — unknown

spitzer welcome to pc
 — unknown

whoa. the last strophe is pure ecstacy.

 — BoundFeet

: )
 — fractalcore

who knows where the mind wanders
 — unknown

 — unknown

woowoo! lovelicious
 — unknown

well said
 — unknown

fuQ zen master it is
 — unknown