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I am you, You are I,
I can prove that we are I,
Our common father Adam,
And His lovely wife Eve,
Silly me....
Monkeys if you disagree,
Evolutionist or pious
My point is clear,
We, I mean...I
Hate, love, Serve I
Cry deny, sigh..for I
And Eventually I all die
If you are I, And I love I
Is it that I secretly lust for I...
Does that make I a crime,
Or is it that narcissists and I,
Simply See eye to eye.

12 Mar 08

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"I"'d urge all of "I" to check out the valley below...........and discover the secrets of the
2 moons in the sac.
 — almasree

What about Lillith?

aye aye!
 — Mongrol

A 2..........somebody surely doesn't like "I". At least its not a '1'.....
 — almasree

eye se[y]e.
eye leyek thIs.
: )
 — fractalcore

Thanks fractalcore for dropping b(eye).
 — mhdashraf

so you have an alter-ego?
pleasure's mine.
: )
 — fractalcore

That was fun.
 — CrudeEcstasy

I believe it is impossible to live without I. I would be a kind of software, Consciousness would be a noun, a force outside of the body, much like electricity through a metalic wire can cause magnetism, so too in organic matter, consciousness can be caused. But like i said, I is software which unifies the body system. Consciousness seems to further unify. My belief is that when we black out, we go unconscious, and we go unconscious because the alcohol interupts the synaptical connections; and similarly, we dont have memories of birth or babyhood because our synaptic connections aren't developed. One can argue that the chemicals cause consciousness, and that it is a process of the brain, but i would argue that the intelligence of the body is run by chemicals, and thus they are necessary, even in the brain, but that those neurotransmitters are only messengers, and that the message itself IS the information (ie the energy).  
 — MattPat