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The Failure Of Ego

This: the ache, the strain
Betrayed the high way
The pain.
Swiping clean the mask
and peeling…
Off the skin,
and off the layers.
I say, “Off with rotten reverie!”
And to the bottom
and lust confronted. Wish
The virgin made
unchaste, and further hunted…
Bade. The wire and the sound
the wind upon the end
when wild
the civil keepers
Child, in vane, a-tempts
the sane
with flesh and blood to taste
the wine and bread,
will strain the strings,
of heartless, thoughtless,
loveless, self
protected by analysis:
Paralysis. Portrayed
in the light by time (and life) itself

17 Mar 08

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but for the frustrating use of punctuation,
i really enjoyed this.
 — jenakajoffer

Hope this difference will please you and all like you. I agreed after listening a little about the great  Ezra Pound.
 — MattPat

Very good. I don't know what else to say.
 — themolly

this is better, but if you take it a step further by releasing some of those caps, it would improve, if only for aesthetic reasons.
L7 "peeling"

very nice read and rythmn,
 — jenakajoffer

Like the first stanza...but shouldn't 'the' be capitalised, as per the rest...

yeah nice rhythm. Well, beat.
 — DeformedLion

Thank ye, Unfortunately though, i haven't found a way to make the meaning obvious And the damn cadence as i like it.

Thanks for the help Jena/Jen AKA Joffer/Jenaka Joffer/ Jennakajoffer
 — MattPat

much less constricted,
nice writing mp.
up't my rating
 — jenakajoffer