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In Honor of the Wounded

She huddles sometimes,
in corners dark and quiet,
the bruises hiding like
purple shadows until
the morning light.
The children sleep
while the fire throws
its warmth against
her cheeks, drying
tears that she weeps
for beginnings
and endings.
He is no prince at all;
the disguise was frayed
around the edges when they met
but love turns a blind eye
to bitter details.
The road in the woods
will open when she
is ready to travel,
the horse will come
to carry her away.
Her dreams will change,
hardened by the
freezing of this bitter Winter,
sweetened by the aching of the thaw.

18 Mar 08

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i will return when i find my voice.
 — jenakajoffer

Many of us have been in this seat, my friend.  
 — unknown

shouldn't it be "freeze"?...personally i'd remove that "dark and quiet" bit, and lines 11 and 12.

But this is nice to read, poetry wise. And the whole fairytale twist is well handled.
 — DeformedLion

  who was disguised
 — unknown

Disguise - as psychology tells it "I am what I think you think I am."  That's how many relationships begin, each playing the part they hope will attract and entice the other.  It's hard to keep that up over time and it's dishonest to say that we didn't see little 'tells' that gave clues to the truth.

Love is a kind of mental illness, isn't it?  Our brains are altered, we even smell different.  Then everything settles down and either we have developed real love or we are miserable in the lies and the dramas that unfold as we fall out of love.

It's always easier to fall in than fall out.  
 — Isabelle5

i like it; the children sleeping and the fire sweeten the atmosphere, calming it a bit after the first stanza, as is the last part continuing the stanza in which we are told love was blind and now gone.
 — nisetru

v beautiful
 — unknown

Love was blind and it isn't gone!  It woke up, seeing what to do but doing it takes much longer than seeing.  
 — Isabelle5

this is beautiful.
 — tiedtoes

Another poem worth remembering.  I will have to go through your works.  I am vastly happy to read such beauty and melancholy wound together this way.  Your writing is very polished.  You have the flair of a true poet, an accomplished one.  I would like to feature you on one of my sights, and to add to your poems which I feature, if I may.

You poetry is breathtaking.  
 — MoquiTakoda

i mean 'i would like to feature you on one of my sites' ... not sights  ... apologies
 — MoquiTakoda

: )
 — fractalcore

i have never read a poem that mirrored me so perfectly
almost eerily.
i love this so very much.
 — jenakajoffer

still give me chills.
 — jenakajoffer

Brilliant last line and some potential displayed , if this was tightened with the fat cut off it it could be good.
 — Caducus

Nice poem, i must confess.
 — Gozereth

surely one of your best, not that I have read them all.
but so far this is my favorite.
 — 9

I very much relate to this, it touched me.
 — madderhatter

 — cassell

lines 18-22<3
 — angela5

Gah, I covet that last line. This is incredible. Your third stanza is perfect, I really like the break between 14 and 15, and of course the last stanza is an absolute knockout.

Just one thing, you don't need the apostrophe in "its" on L8.

Really good read, a sort of bittersweet, lingering feel to it.

- Forsaken
 — A_Forsaken

Of course it's you, Isabelle. I still remember reading "Feeling Frosty" when I first joined PC, on another account I'd prefer to forget.

You've really honed your style. =)
 — A_Forsaken

I love this. It's very relatable for me at the moment.
 — Casiobone

There is one lady in the World.
 — percocet

excellent and provocative
 — unknown

Random is the best place
 — rumpty