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       She's uneven;
  I believe in
              leaving it at that.

23 Mar 08

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I like your breaks.
The medical reference is racy-
watch out.
 — amaviena

Ew. Hmm. Like it. Not sure why... really if it's won me with it's humor or it's bitchy side? Fun mean stuff.
 — themolly

title needs an adjective
 — unknown

e.g. Endearing Scoliosis
 — unknown

just to keep the politically correct happy...
 — unknown

very nice.
: )
 — fractalcore

eh the PC'ers will have to deal with the title.
 — AtomBombJohn

Scoliosis might work better as a title if you said, "She's bent."

I don't think of scoliosis as uneven, I think of it as a curved spine.  
 — unknown

she's got curves
   in the

thank you

 — unknown

i wanted to comment on this last night
but i was too tired.
i am still tired,
but want to tell you that i like it, quite simply.

imagine though, if you had said 'imbalanced'.
 — jenakajoffer