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the psychoanalyst

he appeared distracted
during our conversation as if
he had temporarily taken a detour
into his subconscious and recovered
something so mad so beautiful so horrendous
that bringing it to the surface
might simultaneously enlighten
and destroy the fictions that
nourished the rest of us.

© A

24 Mar 08

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 — amaviena

p.s. consider making the last two lines tighter.
 — amaviena

thanks i ll consider it!
 — unknown

You know there is an interesting term from back in the day, called "Elizabethan Death" which refers to an orgasm. You are speaking of a similar thing at the end of this poem.....not that it is directly sexual, but there is a strong parallel between emotional/cognitive enlightenment and physical ecstacy.....which is actually quite intertwined with death itself....seeing as how any moment of bliss or zen or rapture is really the death of the old self/corporeal self/ attached self/and arguable the spiritual self..........when you reach a summit you are forced to descend. If confused, read John Donne.

You should play with this idea a little with this
 — joshcoops

all transendence involves overcoming a dialectic.

kill expectation

budda neruda
 — unknown

very nourishing
 — unknown

punk buddha.
: )
 — fractalcore

I enjoyed how that form of this piece, how line breaks were used and the decision not to use caps lends powerfully to the sense of a racing mind and the observed becoming the observer.
 — PhynneBelle