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I was wise beyond my years,
Even I said that I would shine,
I could whine like the grownups
and scratch my balls when I was nine.
Stating the obvious,
Was my gift  to help a few
realize what they already knew
about life, love and virgin whores.
But now..
I talk to myself in puddled mirrors,
Trying to make sense of a broken mind,
Wondering if underneath the street dust
Rests the silly kid who smiles...
I won by losing, screwing expectations...
Like a selfish lover trying hard to thrust
his ideas on a world that's oversexed on
achievement and wet dreams of No-bell.
An apple greets my pavement floor
praying for freedom from house and home
as bone hungry enamels make nest
of its juicy tender rotten core......
I am stationary, watching busy lives
change existing status-qu(e)s  
as I fight to keep mine alive.
And you ......
Offer me pennies
for cigarettes and booze,
And hasten my looming death
to rid your crowded streets
of sickly hands denied.
I lie awake as gunfire awakens life
Smiling as I realize that I, like God,
fear no mortal's wrath or envy,
but unlike 'HE' I detest
the remembrance of my forgotten name....

30 Mar 08

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 — unknown

hmm ok, stating the obvious and smiling?
nice moves.
: )
 — fractalcore

The only moves I got but it'll  have to do.
 — almasree

this is moving and the lines 14 - 17 capture the 'achievement' based illusions of our rat racing world wondrously -- how much does one man need? -- having a name often deludes as much as having a desire for power -- names don't change unlike we who contain multitudes
 — AlchemiA